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 Season Opens October 1, 2014

Discounts are available in one of the following categories but not both: 
to seniors, military, law enforcement and clergy
or if you book multiple hunts.

Golf cart available for handicapped or seniors. Call, write or email us for our brochure. 

NOTICE: A fourteen day cancellation notice is required. Deposits will NOT be refunded with less than 14 days remaining to your scheduled hunt.
You can stay overnight in a 30' Gulfstream Camper or, bring your own!
  We can provide meals, camping or other lodging. 
NEW SECTION opened for hunters bringing their own dogs and we also have tent camping sites available.



Hunting and Safety Requirements

  • A $15.00 hunting preserve fee is charged for every out of state hunter. We will file all necessary paperwork for you.
  • It is always the hunters responsibility to provide all of the personal and safety items needed to hunt in a "safe and smart" manner.
  • Hunters are obligated to adhere to their guides instructions at all times.
  • All hunters must wear "hunter orange" at all times.
  • Shotguns only! No handguns or rifles are allowed at any time.
  • Hunters are personally responsible for security and safety of their possessions and shall hold harmless Deep South Quail Hunts, it's owners, management, employees and any and all other personnel associated with Deep South Quail Hunts.
  •  Hunters that have not "bird" hunted are responsible for informing their guide. They shall let the guide know what experience they are bringing to the hunt and what level of ability they have achieved. This is clearly a MUST since the safety of all are concerned.
  • Each hunter is responsible for themselves first, their hunting partners second. All hunters MUST BE AWARE at all times of the location of every hunter, guide and dogs within their groups. Proper hunting lines will be strictly enforced by guides. Any hunter who is not able or chooses not to adhere to any these requirements or, is judged to be a safety risk, shall be asked to "unload and discontinue" the hunt.
  • Your safety is our utmost concern!


  •         Every hunter shall carry his/her firearm unloaded, with barrels broken or breech open until your group arrives at the designated hunting area.
  •         No hunter shall take any shot that may put fellow hunters, their guide or dogs at risk. "Let the bird go" or let someone else have the shot.
  •         All loaded firearms shall be carried ONLY in a SAFE (safety on) condition at all times.
  •         Firearms may be inspected for safety.
  •         All "youth" hunters MUST be accompanied by an adult.
  •         Your guide ALWAYS has the final word and it's your responsibility to listen.

We don't like making rules but in order to provide a safe hunting environment for everyone, it's imperative that we do so.  Enjoy your stay with us, and GOOD SHOOTING!

Zack Rushing
Wade Rushing


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